Calendar of Events For First Term+ 2014/2015


2014 / 2015


Date Activity Person(s) in charge
14/08/2014 Administrative meeting Principal
18/08/2014 Non-Teaching Staff/Administrators/Boarding Mistress meeting Bursar /Stores Officer
26/08/2014 Academic Staff meeting Vice Principals
28/08/2014 Enlarged Administrative Staff meeting including all duty post holders Principal
30/08/2014 Staff Retreat College Pastor
01/09/2014 Arrival of Upper Sixth students Vice Principals, House Mothers &D.Ms
02/09/2014 Arrival of Form 1, Lower Sixth and all New students Vice Principals &House Mothers
03-05/09/2014 Orientation of Upper Sixth, Form 1, Lower Sixth and all New students Vice Principal Admin.
06/09/2014 Arrival of Forms 2, 3, 4 students Vice Principal Admin.
07/09/2014 Thanksgiving Service College Pastor
08/09/2014 Effective classes begin for 2014/2015 academic year Principal
08/09/2014 International Literacy Day
08 – 10/09/2014 School Visits by Education Secretary/ Pedagogic Advisers Principal
22/09/2014 Submission of beginning of year report Principal
25- 27/09/2014 Submission of First sequence test questions Vice Principal Academics
03/10/2014 National Day for production of didactic material ISTP
04/10/2014 Visiting day Vice Principal Admin.
05/10/2014 International Teachers’ Day Vice Principal Admin.
06 – 11/10/2014 First sequence tests Vice Principal Academics
09 – 10/10/2014 E.D Administrative meeting in Kumba Principal
10/10/2014 National Guidance/Counseling Day Vice Principal Academics
13 -17/10/2014 Board Exco meeting in Bamenda
15/10/2014 International Day of Hand washing with soap Health/Sanitation Master
17 – 19/10/2014 Inter-House Competition Administration/Sports Master
27/10/2014 Submission of test marks Vice Principal Academics
30/10/2014-03/11/2014 Deadline for submission of second sequence test questions Vice Principal Academics
01/11/2014 Publication of test marks/visiting Vice Principal Academics
03 – 09/11/2014 Spiritual Emphasis in all CBC schools College Pastor
10 – 14/11/2014 Second sequence test Vice Principal Academics
17/11/2014 Classes continue All teachers
17 – 21/11/2014 School Visits/Working sessions Pedagogic adviser
28/11/2014 Deadline for submission of second sequence test marks Vice Principal Academics
01/12/2014 Deadline for submission of Pre-mock questions Vice Principal Academics
08 – 16/12/2014 Pre-Mock for Form 5 and Upper Sixth Principal & V.Ps
10 -12/12/2014 Compilation of results Vice Principal Admin.
15/12/2014 Class Council Principal
15 – 17/12/2014 Deadline for submission of third sequence test questions Vice Principal Academics
18/12/2014 End of First term
03/01/2015 Re-Opening for Second Term
05/01/2015 Effective classes begin for second term
12/01/2015 Submission of Pre-Mock marks Vice Principal Academics
06/02/2015 Publication of Pre-mock Results


07/02/2015 Visiting day Vice Principal Admin.


Good Times in school

Good Times in school



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